Università di Pisa

The University of Pisa, founded in 1343, is one of the most ancient and prestigious universities in Europe. UNIPI counts twenty large departments covering all disciplinary areas, with high level research centres in all sectors. UNIPI is committed to promoting and supporting research in every field of knowledge, encouraging innovation and openness to new subjects and collaborations between different disciplines. Thanks to the quality of the research undertaken by its academic staff, individually or in teams, UNIPI holds a prominent position in the national and international scientific context.

The Department of Energy, Systems, Territory and Constructions Engineering (DESTEC) addresses the challenges of modern energy systems. DESTEC activities are dedicated to thermal engines, power plant technology, electrical and power engineering, grid control and design, electric mobility and internal combustion engines, heat transfer and fluid dynamics, and building engineering. The Department may provide competence and expertise in several fields concerning energy conversion systems and energy infrastructures. Ongoing projects concern micro CHP plants, integration of renewable energy into grids, integrated renewable systems for energy supply to buildings, electric and thermal energy storage and hybrid vehicles as well as biofuels production.

The Department of Civil and Industrial Engineering (DICI) includes several research areas: mechanical, chemical and process engineering, energy engineering, industrial and operational systems, maintenance engineering, material engineering. 15 experimental laboratories related to the sectors cited above are present.