Université De Liège

Liège University (ULiège) is a public university established in 1817, comprising 10 Faculties and 1 School of Management and hosting around 23000 students. The Thermodynamics Laboratory is part of the Faculty of Applied Sciences (Engineering School). This laboratory is a research team of around 25 people comprising professors, PhD students, post-doctoral students, technicians and visiting scholars from all around the world. The research activities of the Thermodynamics Laboratory aim at developing efficient and innovative thermal energy systems that meet the needs of our society. The research work is based on both numerical and experimental approaches and focuses on the design, the integration and the control of energy systems. Activities of the laboratory cover different fields of energy engineering: energy conversion (heating, cooling and power production), HVAC, thermal energy transport (district heating and cooling), thermal management of vehicles, integration of buildings inside smart energy grids.